The Opportunity

Highly contagious viruses like Influenza A and B, and SARS-CoV-2, are significant causes of morbidity and mortality. Most treatments for flu and COVID-19 – and the secondary infections that typically lead to hospitalization and can even cause death – focus on the virus. Respana is different. We’re focused on altering the patient’s inflammatory immune response to the virus, not the virus itself.


With a seasoned management team with over 100 years experience in the life sciences, Respana is currently seeking strategic partners to accelerate commercialization.

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Our Technology

Respana’s proprietary therapeutic mAb (RT-002) addresses inflammatory conditions associated with respiratory diseases, including influenza and COVID-19.

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Virtual Pitch

Respana has been selected as a semifinalist for the 2020 North America Advance Biotech Grant program. View our pitch to see how we are pioneering biotherapeutic development to support human health.

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About Us

Respana Therapeutics, Inc., is an early stage company developing therapeutics that modulate the immune response to lung disease caused by viral infection.

Tim Pelura

President & CEO

Andy Agrawal

Vice President

Michele Washko


We have over 100 years of life science industry experience

Respana in the News

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